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I and Why I Blog?


I was readingĀ  an interesting blog post by Penelope Trunk about What makes a blog successful?

she says –

So this will be a test for me. For now, my definition of successful blogging is using my blog to give myself a sense of stability and connectedness. Each blogger starts for some reason.

A good test for whether a goal is really meaningful to you is –

  • Do you keep at it?
  • Do you keep striving to meet the goal?
  • Sometimes I wonder, do I really want stability and a sense of being grounded, or do I just talk about it?

The only way to find out is this: committing to it here, in a very public way, and seeing if it sticks.

I never wanted to be a successful blogger or make money out of it. I started this blog to make my presence in internet so that if I search my name on Google I wanted to see my name there. Apart from presence I wanted to express my feelings and my thoughts over various matters. I tired many times to be regular but I couldn’t. Cause I share my all views and thoughts over facebook with my all friends and never felt any urgency of sharing them on blog.

Still I think I needed to re discover my blogging goals and answer those three questions of Penelope and see if could keep at it or not wish me luck :)

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