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We are what we think?

“We are what we think…We are our thoughts…”

– Lord Buddha

That’s ironical, coz theory of enlightenment says we r not our mind, we r not our thoughts, once we realize this we’ll achieve enlightenment. Perhaps Lord Buddha wanted to say since every common man in this world try to relate its existence with it’s never ending thought process, so what we think we become that, we become as our thoughts cause that’s the very one thing which our mind can conceive as real over our actual infinite self.

But what is infinite self? I don’t know how could I cause it is known or being experienced by enlighten being only, may that very thought of mine keeping me away from experiencing infinite self but one thing for sure that we have never ending thought process, that way it seems we have infinite thoughts but 98% of them are same thoughts which keeps on repeating everyday which drives us, keeps us in illusion that we are only what we think and we walk like them, act like them. So to change our self we should change our thoughts coz “we are what we think…We are our thoughts…”

  • “Change” – The only thing that i need is something change in my mind …

    “We are what we think…We are our thoughts…”

    thanks for this slogan

  • thanx.. :)

  • Sanjeeta

    The concept of Buddha applies as long as we think of how to survive in this earth. these words were formed when there was rampant animal sacrifices, the purity of vedic age was vanishing, invasion/war/crimes/ weapon crafting were taking place.
    ITs much applicable if we apply on us by saying “how do I survive this world?” relatively to the materialistic world. theory of enlightment is beyond these thoughts of how to survive in this world. The point where we no longer think of anything! ” we become numbd and void “