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Two Brands of Glasses

I came across this beautiful thought that I would like to share with all –

This week, I learned about 2 brand of eye glasses in Church (I just modified it a bit), one PLB and other PLS.

PLB is “Problems look Bigger” … PLS is “Problems look smaller”

Problems are about to hit you but all it matters is what type of eye glasses you are wearing, is the problem looking too big or too small, end of the day its a matter of attitude, believe in yourself, believe in God and not the problem …

If you wear PLS, you will be able win over problems and if you wear PLB, the problem will become bigger than you and will eat you soon … so wear the right eye glasses.

Here are some more quotes that can help us wear PLS:

“When you control the ball, you control the score”

“If nothing changes nothing changes”

“If you think you are beaten, you are!”

“life’s tough … so what”

“it’s not whether you get knocked down … its whether you get back up”

“A positive anything is better than a negative nothing”

“If you think you can’t, you won’t”

“it’s all about luck … just ask any loser”

“no regrets … not even a little one”

“winners do what losers don’t”

“impossible is just an opinion”

THE LAST one is the biggest one

“In life, what you focus on is all that you will see”

~ Aji