What is the Purpose of Your Life?

Someone Asked me – “Did you find the purpose of your life?
I replied – “Yes Indeed”
He Said – “What is it?”
I replied – “Purpose of my life is to make my every single day a Happy day and make others Happy; Forgive myself for what I done wrong, Forgive others for what they have done wrong; Love myself and Love others; & Purify my Mind and Soul

What do you want from your life?

Yesterday I went to a Training Programme on “New Age Marketing” by Prof. Dr. P.K. Ghosh of IIM Ahmedabad conducted by HCCI.

I really liked the way of teaching of these IIM guys they don’t teach u but they spark out ideas from your dead grey cells, every time he focused upon our conceptualisation, creative thinking and digging harder.

before that training he sent a thick study material with a case study to go through just like IIM or Harvard or any other B school do, while I was going through that a day before yesterday, I stuck upon a question – “what’s your strength and weaknesses”, it’s true that zillions times we mould and prepare this question for interview according to it’s Job Discription.

But if I really have to dig harder and find out my actual SWs then I find it’s very tough job although it’s all about me, where as when we are asked to find out SWOT of other then we easily jot down many points just like that but when it’s about us we just stuck up may be we just don’t wanna accept our inner true self.

after that there was question what do u wanna from ur life? answer in long term goal (15 year) and short term (year) well i jot down under health, financial, family, social, personal category still i’m not sure about what i really want from my life…

I mean even if I achieve all the goals, I’m not sure I’ll be happy, cause happiness is something that I believe you won’t get by accomplishing certain goals, it’s okay that when we achieve some mile stones in life we do get some happiness but that happiness is not long lasting, it lasts for few moments one night party then it’s over, some hang over do left but again from third day you feel emptiness you feel for achieving something more.

When do we get sense of contentment? when there is no space left and we feel full, full of happiness which lasts forever, I believe we never get that unless we get enlightened which only few people achieves.

I believe we can get that sense of contentment, fulfillment, every lasting happiness…. if we don’t run to fill that void inside cause we can never be able to fill it, the more we try the more it’ll get deeper.

For the 98% of time we live in our past and future which never exists and we loose our present which is the only real part of our life, all the void and unhappiness arises from past and future but if we live in present moment then our all pain of past and uncertainty of future just go away and that way we can enjoy our life, fill it with ever lasting happiness as long as we live in now.

I think I only want to be happy in life, live in moment now, live my life fully.