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My Presentation on Social Media Marketing at Startup Saturday Kolkata

Last Saturday I went Startup Saturday, Kolkata for sharing my experiences on Social Media Marketing, When I got an offer from Abhinaba Dey for it, I got really very excited but at the same time got confused on what would I share cause I wanted to share something unique, different at the same time very simple to understand and not so boring cause I hate boring bulleted PPTs Later I decided to share 4-5 things that comes in my mind 1st and jot them down in piece of paper and prepared this presentation just a night before the D day.

  • Deepak Pandey

    this presentation describes Social Media in a simple way… liked it Rana :)

  • Missed the event, but got to see your presentation through the blog. Great work, must say!

  • Heyy Thanx :)

  • great work Rajesh, hey will you share some tips to get relevant visitors for our facebook page? its

  • ajinimc

    Good to see this after a long time … need to see more of such speeches recorded …

  • it was fun :) yeah we sud more often record such speeches :)