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Sharon Gayter – My New Running Inspiration :)

This 15th August (Independence day) morning when I was listening/watching patriotic songs in youtube in my friend’s home (as his TV was short circuited recently) I picked up the Telegraph newspaper and read about Sharon Gayter, my jaws dropped when I read that she won 222km ultra-marathon at altitude exceeding 14,000ft, where oxygen is low and that too when she is an asthmatic and 47 years old whose regular inhaler wouldn’t work at those height heights because of the pressure difference and not only she won but competing against the world’s best, she made it home in 37 hours and 34 minutes that is like running non-stop 5.8 Km per hour.

Last time when I got inspired was by Runner Keith Golke of Minneapolis who resembled as an icicle while jogging on the coldest day, he was fully covered with ice still it didn’t stopped him from going for his daily jog.

Keith Golke

What is La Ultra Marathon?

  • Event Name: La Ultra – The High
  • Terrain/Type: Mountain
  • Date: 11/08/2011
  • Start Time: 06:00
  • Venue: Khardung Village, Leh, India
  • Organised By: Back2Fitness
  • Race Website:

La Ultra – The High is a super insane ultra marathon (222km with 60hr cut-off) held in the foothills of the Himalayas, India.

The High course crosses the highest motor-able pass (controversially*) in the world, i.e. Khardung La (17,700 ft, recorded by National Geographic to be at 18,380 ft) down to Leh an then up again to Tanglang La (17,583 ft), finishing at Morey Plains.

  • Highest point: Khardung La at 17,700 ft (5395 m)
  • Cumulative vertical ascent: 10,193 ft (3,107 m)
  • Cumulative vertical descent: 8,873 ft (2,704 m)
  • At 14,765 ft (4,500 m), The High’s average altitude, the partial pressure of oxygen is 40% less than at sea level
  • Temperatures between 104F(40C) to 21F(-6C)
  • Find more at [Link]

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