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What will you do if you get a Second Chance in Life?

One of my friend (Facebook) celebrated his 46th birthday this month and blogged about “What If he could live his life again?” I got deeply moved by his thoughts and made me to re-think over what I’m doing and where I’m leading my life.

He asked few questions with self and shared his answers –

  1. If I could start over, what would I do differently?
  2. What would I not change at all?
  3. What have I learnt?
  4. What do I want to be five years from now, and ten, twenty…?

And I share some of the answers to #1, hoping that the exercise would inspire you as much:

  • I would sleep less, and read more.
  • I would eat less, and work out more.
  • I would complain less, and compliment more.
  • I would spend fewer weekends at work, and more at home.
  • I would spend more time alone with the one I love.
  • I would read more with my kids when they were young.
  • I would talk/listen to my parents more often.
  • I would watch less TV and fewer movies.
  • I would spend less on things, and more on experiences.
  • I would save more for travel; I would see more of this world.
  • I would start a foundation to educate the poor, or support such foundations.
  • I would write a diary of things I learnt.
  • I would learn languages, cooking, playing a flute, rock climbing…
  • I would stay in touch with more friends and more family members.
  • I would plan less, act more.
  • I would worry less, breathe more, pray more.

These points are so simple and so effective deep within we all know how to live life but somehow we do exactly the opposite, somehow we have became slave of our mind who wants to work less & enjoy more, who wants to gratify senses & ignore the power of simplicity, who wants to enjoy today & ignore tomorrow. But such senses driven life won’t last long very soon we face it’s consequences.

At the end he asked “What would you like to do differently with your life?

– Well I want to lead my life like these (above) 16 points  including some of mine and I don’t need second chance yet as I still have lots of time :).

  • Wake up early.
  • Swim, Jog, Exercise, Yoga 5 times a week.
  • Focus on priorities.
  • Clear 3 big rocks everyday.
  • More time for hobbies.
  • Eat less Non-veg and Junk food .
  • Start ticking my To-Do Adventure list (Everest Base Camp – Bungee Jumping – Sky Diving – Scuba Diving – Space Travel etc)
  • I’ll be Keep Adding :)
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