Wedding Plan


  1. Wedding Invitation –
  2. Important Dates
    1. November 21, Thursday: Engagement, Pokhara, Nepal
    2. November 25, Monday : Wedding, Pokhara, Nepal
    3. November 26, Tuesday : Reception, Bharatpur, Nepal
  3. Before Wedding, Visit Pokhara 
    1. You can come on 23rd Nov, Go directly to Pokhara, Stay there.
    2. On 24th Nov, Do sight seeing of Pokhara.
    3. List of different places you can visit is mentioned at point #8.1
  4. Attend Wedding  –
    1. On 25th Nov, wedding will start at 11 am onwards  in Pokhara.
    2. After wedding we’ll come back to Bharatpur, but you can also stay at Pokhara and come on next day, but it would be great if we can come together, But let me tell you till the time we reach Bharatpur it’ll be 12 or 1 am.
    3. On 26th Nov, there will be small Nepali wedding ceremonies (at Groom’s home), you guys can skip it but if you can attend then I would be very happy, it may start from early morning at 8 am. Reception may start from 12 pm onwards (its just a buffet lunch, there will be no ceremony like we have in Indian wedding, we don’t even sit on wedding chairs).
      1. Nepali Wedding Day 1 Photo
      2. Nepali Wedding Day 2 Photo
  5. After reception
    1. you guys can retire on hotel or guest house,
    2. or you can visit Sauraha
    3. Or, you guys can go to Manakamana Temple (its awesome)
  6. Next 2 days – You can visit Kathmandu and visit different places I have mentioned all the places at Point #8, Please do take care of time and account of your budget.
  7. Return journey – If your trains are in morning then do reach near by place one day in advance and book hotel room to make sure you catch your train comfortably (its very important to take care of this point).
  8. Places you can visit and Please do check detail information about where you are visiting before you decide to go there, so that you won’t miss the best places and food –
    1. Pokhara
      1. Fewa Lake
      2. Barahi temple ( middle of fewa lake)
      3. Davis Fall
      4. Gupteshwar gufa
      5. World peace pagoda
      6. Sarangkot
    2. Kathmandu
      1. Bhaktapur
      2. Bhaktapur Durbar Square
      3. Patan Durbar Square
      4. Swayambhunath
      5. Boudhanath Stupa
      6. Pashupatinath Temple
      7. Narayanhity Royal Palace (now Museum)
    3. Bharatpur
      1. Chitwan National Park
      2. Sauraha
    4. Narayangarh
    5. Lumbini
  9. Don’t forget to check these Photos
    1. My Home (Well not all of them)
    2. Pokhara By Me
    3. Fewa lake by Me
    4. Manakamana Temple by Me
    5. Nepali Wedding Day 1 Photo By Me
    6. Nepali Wedding Day 2 Photo By me
    7. Nepali Thali you can order (Just kidding)
    8. Kathmandu Photo 1 by Me (With Casinos)
    9. Kathmandu Photo 2 by Me
    10. Kathmandu
    11. Lumbini By me
    12. Sauraha Photos
    13. Sarangkot
  10. You can take print out of this plan.
  11. Here is how you can reach –