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Personal Mission Statement

Personal Mission Statement

It is imperative to have personal mission statement to lead a happy and meaningful life. It tells us about the most important things we want to do in our life, important than anything else in our life, It tells us about what is the purpose of our life? the reason why we are born for?

It is like a compass which helps us to find where we are, where we are heading, which is the right direction and which way we need to go in our life. Say, if we want to go to New Delhi and We try very hard, drive very fast, drive day and night but if our direction is wrong then we’ll never reach New Delhi and guess what the faster we drive and harder we try, faster we reach to wrong destination.

And personal mission statement is something which don’t come easily it
is very difficult to make, it takes lots of effort and time but we have to start somewhere as if we don’t know what we want to do in our life and where we want to go then chances are we never reach there.

Also, we need to keep making adjustments in our personal mission statement from our very first draft of our mission statement as we go forward in life many things changes and accordingly we change and so do our destiny (its like adjusting our compass to find right direction).

I’ll write more about Personal Mission statement in coming days in this port and also I’ll share about how we can write it.