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The ‘NO’ Bacteria!

My Toastmasters Project 3 Speech : ‘The No Bacteria’ (My Story of how I got into Comfort Zone and How I Get out… technically It doesn’t speak much about Getting Out of ‘Comfort Zone’ as speech was getting too long for 7 minutes time limit but still there are lots of take aways 😉 )

“Nobody ever died of discomfort, yet living in the name of comfort has killed more ideas, more opportunities, more actions, and more growth than everything else combined. Comfort kills!”

How many of you like to live routine life, waking up at  5 AM, Jogging, Yoga, Pranayama, Kryia, Meditation, Getting ready for office, office hours, coming home, watch Supernatural show, Dinner, Reading books and Sleep (That’s my Usual routine). Doing same thing again and again?

Well, I simply hate to follow same routine, I hate monotonous life, I hate to eat same thing again and again except Maggie masala which is lifeline of every single breathing bachelor in India, In short I hate doing same thing again and again. That is why I keep changing my routine, keep doing new things, keep challenging myself, When I get bored with my food, when my taste buds stops responding to whatever I eat then I go for fasting 24×3 days which helps me to regain my taste senses and enjoy my food again.

Three months  ago I decided to stop doing everything I was doing at that time like going bed early and waking up early, Exercising, Reading books, Yoga, Meditation, Jogging, No Junk food, Fasting, I almost stopped everything that was good for my mind  and body. I started going bed late, till two weeks ago I used to go bed at 3AM I turned into insomniac, wake up at 9.00 AM, go to office at 10.30 AM, I stopped all kind of physical activity. In sort I started living my life as it comes, no effort from myself, complete leisure.

Initially I planned to lead this kind of life for 2 weeks, then 2 week turned into 4 weeks and then 8 and then 12 weeks. Guess what? I started liking my new lifestyle, as I was living effortless life, I was taking life as it comes, no routine to follow, no fix time of sleeping and waking up; I sleep as I feel sleepy (and I discovered I never feel sleepy) and I wake up as I feel waking up (and I found I never want to wake up).

Life was going good, I was feeling great, but deep within I was falling deep into a self made zone what we call “The Comfort Zone”, this zone is very deep & huge once you start falling you keep on falling as there is no base of it and it is very comfortable & warm as you don’t have to put much effort to do anything, everything goes on in very easy way, you don’t have to put strain in your body or mind, the only thing you have to do is relax and enjoy life rest everything takes care of by itself. But the flip side is once you get into this zone you get infected by a Bacteria which I call “The No Bacteria”. This bacteria is not alien to us, it passes from generation to generation through a very special gene which was acquired by human being from the process of evolution from the stone age when food was scarce specially during winters and we need to conserve our energy. So our body developed certain mechanism to avoid any kind of extra physical and mental activities.

The role of this bacteria is very simple whenever any rebellious voice comes out of your conscience which tries to take you out of this zone, which challenges the existence of “The Comfort Zone” it simply suggests you one single word “NO” and it come up with some excuse or keep you busy in some other things other than what you really wanted to do and make you feel that it is your own inner voice which is saying No, for example when your inner voice says lets go for jogging tomorrow early morning, I have put enough weight it’s time to shed it, then I put my alarm at 5.30 AM and when alarm rings it says NO, not today, let’s go tomorrow I slept late and need some more sleep or it’ll say today I have important work at office if I don’t sleep enough then I may doze off at office or it’ll will say I’m too tired today, or my body is aching, or it’s too cold or it’ll rain today etc. every time it comes up with an perfect excuse to say NO.

It’s been 12 weeks since I was living in my “The Comfort Zone”  never realized that I may get infected by “The No Bacteria”, three weeks ago I thought it’s summer I should join Swimming like I did last season for that I need to get “Fit to swim” certificate from a Doctor and  go to swimming pool and fill up the forms and pay the fee, it sounds pretty simple and indeed it is simple but every time I tried to go to doc to get certificate my mind said lets go tomorrow it’s pretty late today Doctor might have left, next day my mind said I’m too tired lets go tomorrow, and I keep making excuses.

Then two weeks days ago my office colleague pointed out hey your tummy is growing, I looked at it and I realized yes indeed, Then I realized it’s been 12 weeks since I left doing any physical exercise. I realized; how I have been trying to wake up early in morning but every time I keep postponing and now it almost seems impossible to wake up at 5 AM.

Then I realized OMG I have been infected by “The No Bacteria”. I got to do something and the only medicine to cure it is by saying “Yes” to everything that we try to avoid out of our discomfort that challenges the existence of “The Comfort Zone” and do not listen to any excuses our mind makes, it is tough at first depends on how long you have been poisoned by this bacteria sometimes it even looks impossible to get rid of it but with persistent effort you can cure yourself, and get yourself out of your comfort zone.

Kill the No Bacteria and Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.

Remember “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

  • vaibhavi

    Superb…..m gonna frame it in bold letters and keep it right in front of my eyes …..Thankx Rajesh its eye opener… :)

  • Rajesh Rana

    Thank you, Glad you liked it :)