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My Keys to Happiness

For me happiness is synergy between mind and body and in order to be really happy you need to find synergistic Keys of them. I’ve always wanted to be only happy and nothing else. But somehow I always messed up things and landed on sadistic zone. From last few days I’ve been trying to find out what really makes me happy coz if all I want to be happy then why not always do things that make me happy. The keys which make me HIGH are –

  1. Exercise – Perfect balance between Skipping, Jogging, walking, Stretching, Yoga and Meditation along with spiritual lounge music or Chinese classical instrumental gives that high which I believe cannot be induced by any drug in world although I haven’t tried any.
  2. Dance – Free style dancing (in Discotheque) for 5-6 hours the whole night, takes me to highest level of my body and soul.
  3. Music – Listening to good songs.
  4. Perfect Balance – Balance in my routine, in my food and in everything I do makes me very happy.
  5. When I Challenge my deepest fear of facing Unknown really gives a kick.
  6. Helping others without hoping for anything in return makes me really really happy.
  7. Rest keys yet to discover.

I don’t know whether there are any more keys left or not but one thing I’ve decided is that I’ll keep discovering keys to my happiness and practice them regularly. Like I’m making lots of videos to give out my fear of facing cameras. Soon you can find them here..