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Lucky or Unlucky?

sperm-and-ovaToday early morning around 2.23 AM, I’ve got hot discussion with my friend over luck, lucky and unlucky.

His point
there is no such thing called luck so there is no point of being lucky or unlucky, no matter how lucky we are, if we don’t do anything then nothing happens we end up doing nothing then what luck is all about if you are ending up with nothing just wishing that something great will happen to you cause you are lucky in fact your luck will make you unlucky if you just rely on that and do nothing.

My stand –
There is some…thing which we call luck I don’t know what exactly it is but governs our life and the deciding factor between success and failure.

Then how we get this so called luck?

Nothing is predetermined in our universe, no one can tell you what will happen NEXT, our life or you can call destiny (I don’t wanted to use that word cause that’s lil DEEP)… our life is run by a computing LOGIC of 0 and 1, Yes or No, that is…YES our life is run by logic of CHOICES.

To be Lucky: If we make right choice at right time at right place then we get success and we call our self lucky.

To get Unlucky: If we make wrong choice at wrong time at wrong place then we get failure and we call our self unlucky.

Perfect example of luck is the case of one sperm out of millions who fertilise Ova, the luckiest one right from the start makes right move at the right time takes right direction and ultimately finds the Ova.

I believe to be lucky we need to be in motion, be in right place and right time to make right choices, but again no one can tell you where is the right place, what is right time and right choices, it is the unknown factor the deciding factor between success and failure which leads you there and creates something we often call our destiny.

Is it that, the lucky people are destined to get success and unsuccessful people are destined to get unlucky.

It’s quite confusing because everything is intertwined in this universe.

Sometimes I also feel that there is no such thing called luck, it is us who writes our destiny but then I see many people who do sooooooo much of hard work and end up with nothing and others who do nothing still gets everything in their life.

  • Deepak

    Yahi sahi hai…yahi sahi hai…ha ha ha

  • Sanjeeta

    I dont understand luck and fate. But we tend to blame luck when unfortunate destiny befalls us.

    some days ago… i came under a wheel of a truck. I dont want to say luck made me live life today… it was just that the truck driver pulled the brakes. Its being alert and being attentive

    and are u crazy!!! discussing luck at that point of time??? get some sleep you be more alert!

  • ohh dear.. are u fine.. any injuries???
    take care…

    sometimes I want to believe in scripted destiny…

    ya u r rite i need to go bed early….

  • luck….yup i do beleive in luck, especially when despite doing all that i can yet things dont work-out
    but then its not 100% luck….i beleive in 50% luck and 50% hard-work

  • true…

  • Deepak Pandey

    Seen it first time…its really good rana…keep it up !!

  • thanx DP