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Like attracts like

one thing i’ve always observed that where ever we go whereas it is school, college, company or new place we always somehow find out our kind of people with whom we tune in our frequency. this may sounds perfect example of law of attraction which states “like attracts like”.

I’m not sure about that cause i still haven’t practice it even after reading “The secret” five months ago, it seems I’m not convinced with the idea of law of attraction in the book and DVD. But here what i mean by like attracts like is that even after we are all unique and different from each other but somewhere and somehow we share some common links which helps us to tune in with each other which results in new relationship, friendship or may be love.

  • sanjay gurung

    true law i think

  • yepp it is….

  • Nidhi

    why r u not writing more often, and i am still waiting for the post u had promised to write on the busy day u had and could not take any calls……….

  • veryyyyy busssssssyyyyyyyyyy

  • Sanjeeta

    yes..! life becomes simple and understood with repose

  • Roshan

    hi dai whats up
    the law u describe true but the fact is in real life likes always attracts with unlikes
    anyway hope u r rocking