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Life @ 30 Days Trial

Few days back I wrote a post on my personal development diary about my 30 days resolution but day by day it’s going tough as each and every person around me started questioning – where the hell you are? why you are not having chicken? why you are not having chai (tea)? So today i thought of declaring it on my pesonal blog. Although I have announced it on Facebook but I guess few have read that. So people here it is –

For 30 Days I’m

  1. Going Vegan i.e No Non Veg + No Dairy products.
  2. Not Using Facebook (Personal Use)
  3. No Negative thoughts
  4. Sleep at 00.00 AM
  5. Wake up at 05.00 AM
  6. Swimming 5 Days a week
  7. Jogging (20 Min), Pull ups (20), Push ups (50), Skipping (1500)
  8. Yoga & Meditation
  9. Limit ipod to 10 hours/30days
  10. Reading book daily
  11. No Junk food from out side
  12. Be happy all the time
  13. And “5 personal can’t disclose” type resolution 😉
It’s 13th Day and I’m going strong
If all goes well then I’ll take some of it to further 30 days 😉
  • Ram k. Chhetri

    wow…thats’ great!!!

  • Thanx bro

  • deshraj singh

    now share the Exp@30 days .