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Lesson 1 : Capture Your Ideas

“Ideas makes me pregnant”

In my last post i wrote about where Aji is delivering all his ideas as being almost 9 months is useless unless you deliver it.


Ideas are very volatile in nature, sometimes we keep on thinking and it won’t come down no matter how hard we try and sometimes it just clicks our mind even we are not thinking about it, then it just woooooooosh goes away and we keeps on thinking what was it, the thing is before delivering our ideas we need to collect it.

for that best thing is to “carry a small notebook (or whatever capture tool works for you) and write down any tasks, ideas, projects, or other information that pop into your head. Get it out of your head and onto paper, so you don’t forget it. – ZTD Habit 1

It’s quite helpful cause many times what happens i get out of topics for writing post in my dot net blog but as I started writing all the ideas that i can blog, i never got out of topic stocks, in my 1st exercise of this capturing ideas i wrote 26 different topics that i wanted to or can blog about and before that i used to think i’m out of ideas to blog.