lifting weights - inch by inch

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Inch by Inch

Today at Gym, I did one small experiment to know at what point I give up and what will happen if I persist and won’t give up. Generally I lift light weights I never lift heavy weights but today I put weights which were like double than my usual daily lifts and I kept increasing levels by adding more weights with each sets, After 1-2-3 sets I started feeling heat and pain, when I reached 3rd set I felt extreme pain, my mind started telling me that this is it, this is my limit, I can’t go further. I felt this is the point where I need to give up, but then I keep pumping with one thought that “just one more time, one more time, one last time” and actually I completed my 4th set and then 5th set. Each second my mind was telling me to give up but I replied just one last time I found that no matter what our mind tells if we keep moving forward lift by lift or Inch by Inch, one lift at a time, one inch at a time, we are capable of lifting more than we ever imagines, we are capable of doing much more than we generally believe we can.

Only thing we need to do is decide where we want to reach and keep moving forward no matter what our past experience and belief system tells us about our limitations or what is possible for us or what is impossible for us, If we keep moving forward we may find our new better self.