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I Love You !

Please check my Toastmasters Project 6 speech, Title ‘I Love You’ –

I was in 3rd class, it was a beautiful bright sunny day, my usual normal school day, everything was going just as it used to be, all those long boring classes after classes then in our surprise we got a good news that our next subject teacher was not taking our class, Very next moment we found our self on seventh sky, we all started shouting, hooting and chattering but our class prefect was very strict she said “If any of you make any noise I’ll give your names to our class teacher and you know what will happen then”, suddenly we all got terrified with the thought of facing that terror lady (our Class teacher) and then we decided to settle down and started whispering in ear,  In next 5 minutes all got busy with their some creative works; some were making paper planes, some were drawing on their desk and many other works. Then to my wonder I found a guy sitting next to my seat was drawing flowers on arm of a girl sitting next to him. I felt urge of sharing that incidence with my 3 best friends then immediately I got up and went to their seats and in mischievous tone I whispered in their ear; “Look.. Look.. What they are doing ;-)”.

Unfortunately it didn’t last long as she caught me sharing my moment of joy with my friends; she shook her hands and gave me a wicked look. I got terrified second time in last 30 minutes. Then I heard the best sound of school days; the recess sound. My smiles again get back on my face and we all friends sat on a table and were sharing our lunch box. Then all of a sudden someone grabbed my hairs with both hands from my back and pulled me out of my desk and I found some guy about double in size of me was punching me wherever he can. I really didn’t get what was happening, why that giant is beating me to death. My all 3 best friends were looking at the show from a safe distance. Then that guy said something which I didn’t hear because my ears were still buzzing with crazy noise. When I started to recollect my consciousness I found myself collecting my shirt’s buttons with one hand and wiping tears with other. I really didn’t have a single idea why that guy tried to kill me. I really don’t know how time passed after recess but after final bell, when I was coming back to home I was thinking all the way what I’ll say to my mom about the buttons of the shirt.

Luckily she was not at home when I got back; I quickly hided my shirt somewhere hoping that she may never find it. Next day when I went to school our class teacher called me, my heart sank, and I didn’t have any idea why she called me? I was expecting that she will shout over me for not doing my homework or something like that but she said something which skipped my heart beat she said “Go back to home and do not come to school till you come with your parent” I couldn’t get it why she was calling my parent? I went back home with a long face and said to my mom that my class teacher wants to meet you. She started shouting “what wrong have you done that… she is calling me?” I said “I have no idea but she said do not come to school unless you bring your parent” she got really worried; She went school with me for the first time in my life and met our class teacher. I didn’t have slightest idea what she said to my mom and what my mom said to her, but after that meeting our class teacher allowed me to attend my classes.

After school when I came back home, I was sure that I will get a really big scolding, but to my surprise she didn’t said anything also I didn’t asked anything about the meeting. So it remained mystery to me why my class teacher called my mom, a week later our class teacher was addressing our class, she said “Exams are coming near and we should focus on studies..” and then she looked at me and said “…instead of dreaming about getting married…. Focus on your studies” I was like what the hack? Now I got to know what the whole drama was all about.

From that very day I started hating girls with my all heart, throughout my schooling I kept a safe flight distance from all girls, I never had any girl in any of my friend circles, during my graduation somehow I stumbled into an only Hindi speaking group which had one girl, as I had no other option, but there too I quickly announced that I’m like her brother to nullify any kind of misunderstandings. In Post-Graduation I finally started talking very cautiously with girls, but there too I denied all the requests which tried to access my heart which I now really regret because today I know that it is one of the most beautiful moments of our life which we should never let go cause we never know where we might find our soul mate.

Today I find that all my friends are either married or getting married or have become father and I’m just getting more awesome, but I know that I’m the only one of my own kind in my friends circle who is still single, never had any girlfriend in his whole life and still thinks “I’m getting Awesome”, but at the same time I do admit that there is some part in me who is still waiting for soul mate, fall in love, get on knees, hold her hands and for the first time say “I love you”.

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