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Why I Hate My Blackberry?

Recently I got Blackberry as a gift, but after using I started hating it, My friends asked me why so? Here I’m listing my primary hate reasons –

  1. Connection – Frequently looses connection I have Airtel connection but it switches it’s network to Vodafone and shows no network, after running 5-6 diagnostic test it switch back to Airtel network. I thought something is wrong with my phone set but same is the story with our other BB phone.
  2. SMS – Ever since I started using it i.e. yesterday it frequently route my SMS to international gateway which costs me Rs.5/SMS for local SMS even after having unlimited Monthly SMS package I complained about this to Airtel customer care but they are too dumb to acknowledge it as problem.
  3. Ringtone – It frequently switch to silent mode with no ringtones and alert tone I missed many important calls and even after wasting 1 hour to fix it won’t fix up but after sometime it get fix it by itself.
  4. Cumbersome – There are too many settings and options for dumb guy like me to get a hold of it, it took me more than 3 days to understand & customize the basic functionalities to use my phone normally. Unlike Android and iPhone which took me 10 minutes to understand and ready to rock & roll.
  5. BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) – It’s doubling my mobile bills and without it I can’t even surf net with Airtel Live as I used to do it before in my Samsung Phone as my Mobile internet requirement is not that great that I’m going to double my mobile bill.
  6. Just Can’t Switch it off – There is no button for switching it off completely, they have Full Power off but When I hit hang/power button it instantly illuminates the phone. I was travelling & wanted to save the batteries by switching it off when I checked back to call I found whole batteries was drained off as somehow it started off automatically cause it just take a simple touch on hang/power button to start unlike other phone which takes continuous pressing of power button to start. I wasted 2 hours to figure out how to switch off completely later found it can only done by taking off the batteries.
  7. No Apps – I cannot access apps like gmail apps or other essential life saving apps till I subscribe to BIS, I can surf net via Wi-fi but I just cannot use apps what the hack is wrong with them.
  8. There are other issues as well and these are very simple issues but making my life hell after started using blackberry as it is consuming too much time in regularly fixing things like network and ringtone issues also reducing my productivity greatly. Now I wish I have never got this phone.  Somehow my 1st impression not so good with BB :( I hope it may change with time.
  • Omkar Dash

    BlackBerries are not consumer phones. Most of the problems you listed here is more due to the fact that BlackBerries are for a certain type of people only. You shouldn’t use a BlackBerry if you don’t *need* one. It’s not a phone for everyone, as i earlier said. Truth be told, I do not agree with any other points you have listed, except #5. BIS is a way RIM sucks money. :)

  • Rajesh Rana

    @Omkar: These points is what I’m facing now…. may be it is phone set specific problems but I have got 4 BB phones 2 of them has same problem. I have to check other 2 as well coz i believe they might have similar issues.

  • Rajesh Rana

    @Omkar: Between Congratz for successfully creating your own Facebook Application for your BlackBerry.. Its’ Cool :))

  • deshraj singh

    Well Sir ! I found the better connectivity and better user friendly phone ( it tke sme time to knw the funcationality) . The only prob I am facing is this device got hanged sometime.

  • i like blackberry! bbm is just too good! and someone else pay my bills so i dont care :)

  • Rajesh Rana

    @Deshraj: Blackberry is a dying technology as good as Brick in the wall.

  • Rajesh Rana

    @Ramanuj – Lucky You 😛

  • Narendra Singh

    I know many people around me who use blackberry and are suffering due to reasons mentioned in this post. Few among them have restricted the use of their BB phone to just any other phone (Call incoming/outgoing).

    Majority of the BB users are Corporate executives (They don’t care how much money RIM is sucking for their BIS, as long as it is taken care by the company). Many others are using due to mere fascination towards the device hardly care what BB specific feature the phone offers.

  • V

    Now I kno what not to buy 😛

  • Rajesh Rana

    @Narendra: I agree with your points
    @V: :)

  • Scott Holbrook


  • John

    Blackberries are for men; Iphones and Andriods are for girls and geeks.

  • Rogelio

    I hate BlackBerry. It is a complete headache. The trackpoint/trackball started to malfunction within 6months I bought it, and I have to pay like 50USD to get it changed. It frecuently lost signal and “goes down”. The worst part is im stuck with it ’til 2013 in a contract. :(

  • ikshit

    I have recently baught Blackberry 9320, a latest model launched, but I feel cheated to have this phone. it has many drwbacks liks-

    1) screen resolution cannot be adjusted beyond a specefic level
    2) auto shortcut keys are always activated so even if you call 100 you go through numerous option consisting 100 in it.
    3) Power Off- as already mentioned by Mr. Rana, phone can never bve switched off.
    4) even for a single change you have to go through various options.
    5) A very costly BBM service
    & most irritating thing in this phone is that the Phone only allows you to do what it feels like. most of the common features like torch, phone syncronisation from non BB phone, call log book etc etc has been missing. A simple thing is made too complicated & then they claim this to be technology. I infact say my previous Nokia phone was far better than this. Its a arrogant phone you have to juggle with this phone, have to accept the way it is, infact nokia is a user friendly device understands you need & keeps you updated.

    In short that Blackberry is just a brand now it hardly have features & facilities I have bought this 9320 for 16000 & its 3 days old. A buyer who wants to buy this can take this from me in 10,000. Mail me at I have many other important things to do rather managing with this dumb phone. I assure you the phone is in brand new condition With all accessories unopened yet. Thanks for your time. BB Sucks

  • Adele

    Hi have a BB… I hate it also… But not for the same reasons.. Mostly. For instance.. U are able to switch it off… Press and hold these key : alt+caps+del. (Right caps) what irritates me is that EVERYTHING takes sooooooooooooo long! And it freezes and thinks ALL the time!!! Yes its a bit complicated! But its easy once u know it! And my BIS never takes extra money! And I can download ANYTHING! So… Ya.. I hate it because its not fast enough for my fast pased life…

  • Paulsad

    From UK … I agree – on a plane the other day took me ages to turn the bloody thing off – had to take the sodding battery out. – No reject list – pitiful; I can no longer reject those people I now hate. – Have to pay an extra £5 per month just to use the internet on the bis bloody thing or whatever it is …

  • Paul in Canada

    I can’t stand my torch 9800. Dropped calls, poor battery life. Apps you cannot get rid of. Apps you want but cannot get. I just wish the company I work for who gave this to me would convert to anything…. even smoke signals.

  • De Dude

    To all BB users ,

    To start with i am using a BB Bold 9900.
    The best smartphone BB boasts of.

    I agree with what has been said in the “OP”

    BB suck big time , Blind BB users fail to see this , this is how they have been brain washed they failed to see the achievements of others.

    Trust me guys my bold 9900 costs around 30000 Indian rupees and can not to things which half the price an Android phone does.

    So how did BB fail ? They kept nagging about themselves being the best and failed to understand the market .
    you say BB is a brand name well so are other Android companies , HTC , Samsung , Sony , Motorola .

    BB has to understand that in today’s world the one which offers the most at a competitive price is the winner.

    Even small brand names are coming with Smartphones that BB Bold 9900 cant offer
    see this
    Micromax launches Superfone A80 Infinity for Rs. 8,490

    a 2500mAh battery can your beleive it with ICS 4.0 , 5mp camera witg flash and front camera VGA.

    If u say its a VGA camera my reply would be better than not having a camera in the case of BB 9900.

    Limited no of apps at BB app world.

    they will never catch up with apple or android.

    Some stupid person said well if u have to play games buy a ps2 .

    Tell me one thing what if BB10 comes with HD gaming? are you going to appreciate that or criticize ?
    at that moment u will appreciate it , today you are not because BB doesn’t offer it to you.

    No skype on BB .
    Yeah keep nagging about BBM thats all you can do.

    Some people said well it’s a Corporate phone so no fancy stuff..
    Helllloooooooo Corporate people are also human beings and like to play games , chill in their free times.
    BB please stop making our lives boring.

    Another argument was wait for BB10 .
    why wait ? what were you doing for the past years instead of fooling the masses.
    by the way BB 10 has been delayed till 2013 and i bet u guys by the time BB 10 comes Android phones half the price would have much to offer or at least the same. be it Touchscreen , games , camera , apps , video calling blah blah

    So don’t spend extra spend wisely.

    I want to be Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BB Bold 9900 user
    My Cellphone is for Sale..
    Getting an Android.

  • Zara

    I hate my Blackberry 8520. It always crashes, drains battery really fast, and I suddenly can’t play youtube videos after six months of usage. Total waste of money. It can’t even install skype messenger on it.

  • I ditched mine for an iPhone. haven’t looked back.

  • andy

    i hate blackberry so much, i would torch every bb in the world

  • arghhhhh

    im using torch 9860. i loved blackberry but im really dissapointed, it always jammed, my text always pending and always delivered like 30 minutes later, sometimes it doesnt even delivered at all! sucks… really sucks…and i hate that i always being angry and mad about this. i like to throw my phone away and throw it on floor or wall because i dont feel good that my text always pending… i dont love bb anymore

  • CJ82

    I hate that you can’t switch off the camera sound!!!

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