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Who the Hell is Govind Tiwari?

Govind Tiwari – The Guy who Hypnotised world with his magical BLINK!

This after noon, one of my friend posted a link of some blog of some unknown guy named Govind Tiwari. I thought what the..hell but when I checked his blog, me and my whole office team members couldn’t stopped laughing on the floor.
Later some other friend told me he is trending in twitter, First I really didn’t believe that later when I checked on Twitter he was indeed trending worldwide, people are crazy about his blinking eyes and his jazzy blog. Apart from his blinking eyes I really liked his one of the amazing video ‘Govind Tiwari dil ka bhola hai

Check out his picture collections some of them are really out of this world [Photo Album link]


Twitter Fame of Govind Tiwari– He is trending number 1 in India and number 5 Worldwide twitter trends which means millions are tweeting about him. People are tweeting at the rate of 20 tweets per second when I last checked.

Almost everyone has loved Govind Tiwari’s blinking eyes & blog and want to know who the hell is Govind Tiwari.

One of the tweet I liked –

RT @_eMeNeF_: Companies spend millions of dollars on Online Viral Campaigns on Social Media…and then we have Govind Tiwari beating them all with a Blink.

Facebook Fame of Govind Tiwari

Already many has created Facebook Fan page for him [Fan Page link] and when I last checked 5417 people has shared his blog in Facebook. If he had placed Adsense in his blog then he would have made thousands of dollars by now.

He has around 11 blogs, all of them are superb, Check out –

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  11. MY INDIA

[Update] And Govind Tiwari is news –

[Update July 29 2011] I’ve got an email from Govind Tiwari

I am thankful to all persons who have given me support and appriciation for my activity at Internet, who make me famous in the Computer world. but my Blog was only experiment for me. Now My Blog will be update for you with in few weeks. So once again lot of thanks.

My website only –
on twitter – govindtiwari