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How I fixed my back pain?

Lower back painTwelve days ago when I woke up I felt little uncomfortable at right side of my lower back. However, in previous night, when I went to bed I was fit and fine. I thought let’s do some stretching and Yoga to fix it. It used to always help me with any sort of minor physical ache that I experience from time to time. But to my wonder the pain kept on increasing at exponential rate and after an hour it went to the level, where you can call it, I was feeling excruciating pain at my lower back and when I went to bed in that morning to take some rest I was like half paralyzed and unable to move at all.

Then, I got a call from my elder brother from home that, our grand father has expired. For a moment I felt is it a some kind of paranormal activity that I am experiencing as my grandfather was suffering from paralysis from a long time. Then I said “No, it can’t be”. When you are in pain you tend to think so many possibilities to divert your mind from pain.

Nevertheless, the pain kept on increasing. Everyone came up with different solutions such as –

“Get Vicks VapoRub on your back, massage it and apply hot water tube, it really works, it worked for me!”

“Get eucalyptus oil massage, you can get it in any Chinese shop”

“Try back support belt”

“Try hot oil massage”

“Try Dencorub massage and roll hot water bottle over it”

“Listen to Hanuman Chalisa to expel the negative energy around you”

“Go to Doctor”

“Go to Physiotherapy”

And many other solutions, for which I am really grateful to my friends and family members. I did tried wearing back support belt which I still wear during work. I tried hot oil massage, it gives a lot of relief. One of my friend gave me a bottle of oil that he got it from Amritsar Punjab given by some saint and he claims that his elder brothers’ back pain was cured with it. I started applying it and it did gave me relief.

Then I tried Googling about physiotherapy and I came across this site which is dedicated towards improving spine health, running by various medical expert in this field. If you go through the link then you may find some very easy to do physiotherapy exercise videos which you can do anywhere to get relief from lower back pain. And to my wonder it really works. Now days whenever I get time and space I simply do these workout and I get instant relief. But I know that once you have got the condition of back pain it won’t go over night. Therefore I need to keep doing these workouts if I intend to stay healthy.

You can check different variation of these exercises at (at the end of video list) and also you may like to check following video to find out how it works.

Disclaimer: I am not expert in this field, all I am doing is sharing is my personal experience. You may like to consult your doctor before doing anything that I have suggested.