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First fan mail

It’s been nearly a year since I’ve started writing on my self discovery blog before that I did wrote many articles on different blogs but most of them were technical mumbo jumbo, but I started self discovery with the mind of writing specially under my  personal developments and findings.

So far I have-

14 posts, 5 pages, 2 drafts, contained within 10 categories and 16 tags, 19 total comments, 17 approved, 2 spam and 0 awaiting moderation

so far so good…

I’m very irrugular about writing and 14 posts in 11 months 5 days is far too less but i’m hoping for discovering more and writing regularly.

A while ago i’ve got my first fan mail about the apprecition for my writing, I’m very glad to know that people are reading my blog, cause I hardly do anything to promote my blog and also I don’t know how friendly is Google to my site although I’ve tweaked it with SEO dos and donts.

  • Hem

    Great .. Do you know This Kanupriya btw? :-)

  • nope….but now i know her…..

  • nice to c u have taken to writing again more often, loved all the blogs, and yes i too saw stallon again and it is truly amazing how it teaches u to keep going….thats one lesson even i want to learn by heart… keep going

  • Sounds creepy! Are you sure shes not a stalker?

  • nope… she is my good friend now…thanx to facebook…

  • Kanupriya

    :) Wish I was a stalker … yup for ” him ”
    would have followed him all around 😉
    but suppose I’m doin well enuf in my life lately ( lil busy wid other things N reading his posts ) so I’ve dropped that idea 😀
    N thanx RAJESH,u’ve given meh goosebumps … :)
    take care …

  • @K. thanx for the comment and reading my thoughts.

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