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Eat like a Bird Poop like an Elephant

elephantIt’s been 4 months since I’ve written my last post, then I came across with a philosophy about sharing information from Rules for Revolutionaries by Guy Kawasaki, he says “Eat like a bird, poop like an elephant” which means Consume knowledge like crazy (birds eat a lot). And spread the knowledge, information that you gained around (elephant poop a lot 😉 ). If you have a good knowledge to share about then only write or don’t. so I stopped until I find some good words to spread around but what I’ve noticed in these 4 months that if you defer your post then you keep on procrastinating  even if you have got good stuff to share.

Yesterday I was talking with my old friend who has just started to blog, we chatted for an hour about this and later I decided that instead of pooping once in 6 months I’ll poop regularly.

  • Kanupriya

    Finally … thank you …
    But I think its the third or the fourth time ure saying u’ll be regular !

    So .. I hope u will be (from now on atleast) 😉
    take care !

    N keep writing !

  • hahaha..

    again i’ll be off for more than 20 days as I’m leaving for Holidays……

  • You have a good blogsite. Just dropping to say that keep it on.. thanks

  • thanx :)

  • OhBother66

    From the title, I thought this was a new diet fad. :)