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My Dream Job

Please check my Project 5 Speech at Toastmasters. Title “My Dream Job”

“Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same. ”

When I was 3 years old I saw my 1st movie it had such a great impression on me that I decided what I wanted to be in my life and I wanted to be a ‘HERO’ and my idol was Mithun Chakroborty and I wanted to dance like him, I wanted to fight like him, I wanted to kick like him, I’m not sure but I must have thought if I become hero then I’ll be very happy.

As I grew older I found I can’t even impress girl next door and fight guy next door to her, forget becoming a Hero, I got disappointed then I came to know about a term ‘ASTRONAUT’, now I wanted to be an Astronaut, I wanted to get into my Rocket and travel through space, I wanted to go to Moon and I wanted to reach out for the stars. Every night during load shedding I used to gaze at sky and see amazing stars, constellations and bright Moon, I used to think one day I’ll be there and I’ll be very happy.

Then as I grew little older I realized that my grades are not supporting my astronaut dream, My rockets landed on the neighbor’s home, I got disappointed but then I had a new dream now I wanted to be an ARMY OFFICER. I wanted to dress up like them; I wanted to look smart handsome gentlemen like them, I wanted to be just like them and I thought if I become an Army office I’ll be very happy. I gave NDA twice couldn’t crack it, CDS thrice couldn’t crack it. I knew that my studies won’t help me so I joined NCC to get C Certificate my ticket to direct SSB interview. I went for SSB interview thrice and I couldn’t crack it, These army brats are too dumb to recognize the real man, I again got disappointed.

Then I left that dream and gave CAT, got admission in B-School, now I had a new dream, I wanted to join a fortune 500 MNC, work there and be a very SUCCESSFUL MAN and then I’ll be very happy. After MBA I joined MNC worked there for 3 years and I realized this is not my dream job I don’t wanted to do this all my life. I do not wanted to be part of this rat race, I got disappointed.

Then one day one of my friend called me and said we are starting a new company why don’t you join us, I said yes and I immediately set my new dream, now I wanted to be an ENTREPRENEUR  start a company take it to level of fortune 500 company, I thought this is what I always wanted to do in my life and this is what will make me very happy. I joined them, founded the company with them, after 3 years when I step back and analyze my happiness index, am I be really happy? then I see that I’m not really happy, one thought always cross my mind that I wanted to do something else this is not my dream job or this is not the work which gives me true happiness.

Then question is what will make me really happy? What work I should be doing which will make me happy? What path I should follow in my career which will lead me to my happiness? After lots of analysis and soul searching I came to know about a very harsh truth that no matter what I do in my life, no matter what I achieve in my life whether I become astronaut or an army officer nothing will give me happiness. Nothing can make me a happy person. I came to know about a truth that no work in this world can give me happiness, and then to experiment I’d weird thought “if no work in world can make me happy then maybe I ‘don’t work’ at all, then will that make me happy?” I tried that too and found that the most difficult and challenging job in this world is “the job of a guy who do nothing, the toughest job in this world is sitting idle”.

May be there is no such job in world as dream job well there can be exceptions but for 95% of world population may be there is no such thing as dream job which may give happiness. As I see no one is happy with their job, everyone is complaining about something, they are complaining their boss, colleague, partner, subordinate, their customer, their HR policies almost everything. Entrepreneurs says employees’ job is better, employees says entrepreneurs’ job is better everyone finds others’ job is better than theirs. Not only the employee or entrepreneurs, when I see great personalities, celebrities, super rich businessmen, rockstars, movie stars, I find they are also not happy, Is it that there is no work in world which can make anyone happy?

Then I realized it is not the nature of work or kind of work that gives true happiness. It is your ATTITUDE which decides your happiness. What happen is that we keep looking for some illusionary dream job and we feel that what we are doing is not what we are meant for and that very thought of search for something better always makes us feel bad about what we are doing and makes us unhappy. But the fact is that if you want to be happy  then no matter what you are doing in your life if you do that with full dedication, full conviction and right attitude then you are bound to be happy by doing that or else you’ll keep searching for your dream job which you never going to find.

Remember your dream job is not out there but right here within you.


–        31.07.2012

  • super awesome..What matters is attitude…

  • Right, Thanks man :)

  • suraj

    Fantastic , doing thing with passion is more imp and easiest way to be happy

  • himenism

    you said fact: ATTITUDE MATTERS.

  • gauttama malla

    thanks…i agree with your opinion about “my dream job” ….ATTITUDE which decides your happiness….

  • Hamed

    I don’t agree! I believe that job matters. I believe if I had a job in company which had a goal more than just money, like doing something good in the world and making lives better, then it would be far more fulfilling for me.

    Being with good people who have the same goal as you and the company, makes it even better.

    And by what I’ve read so far, I know such companies exist.

  • Rajesh Rana