My Maiden Bungee Jumping From 160 M – World’s 3rd Highest Point at Nepal


Date : 11th Oct 2011
Location : The Last Resort, Nepal (3 Hours From Kathmandu).
Booking Office : The Last Resort, Thamel, Kathmandu

First Bungee Experience
When I went to Bridge for the jump I felt little fear just like when I look down from the roof of the building, There were around 40 people which were divided into 3 groups according to their weight G1 (70 Kg-100KG), G2 (63 Kg – 69 KG), G3 (40 Kg – 62 KG); I was in G1 which was marked with marker on my right hand. After sometime my temperature went up by 5 degree I don’t know why but I was feeling like going for my first campus interview. when I watched 4-5 jumps and swings I started to cool down and got acclimatize with height.

Jump started with heaviest to lightest weight order, my turn was 3rd last and my elder bro has last turn with 70 KG. When it was my turn I tried to stay focused and composed, I made a small plan on how I will jump like I’ll keep my hands in flying position and rest body straight, won’t bend, I’ll give a push by legs while jump which will help me to give a better Free Fall experience just like as instructor said an hour ago but when I get there on jump platform my mind went blank, has almost zero thought and no fear, all I heard was 1..2…3.. Jump.. and I jumped… very next moment my mind went completely blank like in a state of enlightenment absolutely No thoughts..those feelings were indescribable which you can experience only when you go through it, it’s like I fully lived those moments and felt those every second of free fall.. Once the rope bounced back I came back to my normal state and started shouting woooooohoooooo……

Inspiring Graduation Speech by Oprah to Stanford Graduates Class ’08

Inspiring Graduation Speech by Oprah to Stanford Graduates Class '08

One of my friend shared a link of this very inspiring speech by Oprah she made in addressing commencement day of Stanford graduates class of ’08. The above video is very long you can check this video [Link] for short briefed lessons.

Here are the lessons she gave –

Lesson one, follow your feelings. If it feels right, move forward. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.

Now I want to talk a little bit about failings, because nobody’s journey is seamless or smooth. We all stumble. We all have setbacks. If things go wrong, you hit a dead end—as you will—it’s just life’s way of saying time to change course. So, ask every failure—this is what I do with every failure, every crisis, every difficult time—I say, what is this here to teach me? And as soon as you get the lesson, you get to move on. If you really get the lesson, you pass and you don’t have to repeat the class. If you don’t get the lesson, it shows up wearing another pair of pants—or skirt—to give you some remedial work.

And what I’ve found is that difficulties come when you don’t pay attention to life’s whisper, because life always whispers to you first. And if you ignore the whisper, sooner or later you’ll get a scream. Whatever you resist persists. But, if you ask the right question—not why is this happening, but what is this here to teach me?—it puts you in the place and space to get the lesson you need.

The lesson here is clear, and that is, if you’re hurting, you need to help somebody ease their hurt. If you’re in pain, help somebody else’s pain. And when you’re in a mess, you get yourself out of the mess helping somebody out of theirs. And in the process, you get to become a member of what I call the greatest fellowship of all, the sorority of compassion and the fraternity of service.

I know this for sure, that doing good actually makes you better. So, whatever field you choose, if you operate from the paradigm of service, I know your life will have more value and you will be happy.

if you choose to offer your skills and talent in service, when you choose the paradigm of service, looking at life through that paradigm, it turns everything you do from a job into a gift. And I know you haven’t spent all this time at Stanford just to go out and get a job.

You’ve been enriched in countless ways. There’s no better way to make your mark on the world and to share that abundance with others.

You have the heart and the smarts to go with it. And it’s up to you to decide, really, where will you now use those gifts? You’ve got the diploma, so go out and get the lessons, ’cause I know great things are sure to come.

Congratulations, ’08!

Check the complete speech at [Link]

Keep your goals to yourself, If you wanna achieve them!

Personal development Gurus suggests that you should keep your mouth wide open and tell your goals to the whole world around you so that if you default they’ll hold you for an explanation and you’ll get motivated enough to achieve them.

and I used to follow the same suggestion with my all goals settings and announce them to my friends and all (off FB and on FB).

Today I got shock when I watched appended video of Derek Sivers who suggests that “After hitting on a brilliant new life plan, our first instinct is to tell someone, but it’s better to keep goals secret.” He presented at TED about research stretching as far back as the 1920s to show why people who talk about their ambitions may be less likely to achieve them.

This is an eye opening for me and now I’m getting why I always fail to achieve max of my goals 😛 hehehehehe.

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