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Kind Words

“When I was small I learned BODMAS with the help of which I always used to solve big puzzles quickly and correctly. There also I learned how to tackle with minus sign when it is outside the bracket as when bracket opens it changes all the signs of that particular algebraic expression. Similarly life is also like algebraic expression containing various variables and constant . Philosophy act as the BODMAS formula but I always find difficult in tackling with that minus sign outside the bracket.

When ever I read your articles it help in opening my inner bracket with correct sign which makes negative negative positive : ))) hahahaa, God bless you as only few good people are left under the sun : ) ”

 ~ 29th Oct 2013

“Thanks a lot, u always motivated me towards success and challenges and i am really thankful and grateful to you for that any day whenever i thought of skipping my exercise or cheating my daily workout i used to think about u, if u can do it then i can also do that, that is how ur activities used to and still motivates me, thanks for all those motivation, all those knowledge, they are really very valuable to me sometimes i really feel very bad that u r leaving but time heals everything and i guess i will be fine over time but i am happy for u that u r getting a better life and i am sure u will rise higher in life.”

~ 29th Oct 2013

“I really want to thank you. you made a great positive impact in my life. Once I was really confused, puzzled & low motivation guy though I tried to work hard but not get some great results out of that. You make me realize the important of time & important of self believe. You open my eyes in lot of area where still I may have stuck. I am not say I have achieved all & leading a fabulous life but I can say I have learned a lot from you & now I can decide my own decision with great vision. I still try my best to do in every aspect. Some times get succeed and sometimes does not but every time I get satisfied of thinking that I at least tried. You generate this attitude within me. I am really Thankful to you. You are of that rare guy who was very trustible, helpful & honest guy, who does not bother about result being telling truth. I always remember you because of you never wear any mask on you at least as far as I have concern.”

Thanks a lot. “Thanks Brother”

 ~ 29th Oct 2013


Whatever you are I don’t know, but one last thing I know that if anyone is there in techshu whom I respect & like, that’s only Rajesh Kumar Rana touch wood”

 ~ 18th April 2012


You are the one of those people whom I can reach and who truly inspire me to stay happy and do new things : )

 ~ 6th July 2012

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