5 Ways to Get Out of Doing NOTHING State

How many of you feel that there are times in our life when you simply don’t feel like of doing anything; you struggle to do your daily chore, in office you just somehow pass your time then forget about working on your goals like doing daily workout as almost everything seems so dreading that only thing that you love to do is NOTHING, You consciously keep procrastinating everything comes on your way as you feel no motivation of any sort to anything in your life.

But then time comes when you feel that you can no longer push the deadline of that project, you can no longer sit idle in your office, when you feel that you are just passing time doing nothing constructive in your life then some sense of urgency develops in back of your mind and you try to muster some courage and start your laptop to work on that project but as soon as you start working, your mind starts telling you that; you are low in energy, you are having pain in your body, you are getting headache, you don’t feel like of working now, you didn’t have sound sleep last night, you feel urge of taking break, checking Facebook for how many likes and comments your last posted photo or status update has got, let’s work on it later, I’ll surely start from tomorrow and that tomorrow never comes.

Instead of working on your important work your mind tells you to first do all the unproductive task like cleaning your mail Inbox/desktop, arranging your files and folders, taking back up and what not. Our mind tries to push our main works farther and keeps you busy with sense of doing some work but actually you are not going anywhere like running on a treadmill.

The more you stay in this state the more you are likely to sink deeper. Here are few things which you can try to get out of doing nothing state –

  1. Get into momentum – The Principle of inertia says “Any physical object has a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged until any external force is applied” which means if your default state has become doing nothing then you’ll keep doing nothing till you apply force of your will power to get into momentum of starting doing something.
  2. Make list of all the pending tasks – You must have heard this many times, make your to-do list before starting work and guess what? it actually helps as if you just keep all your pending tasks in your head then you may not get clarity on how many task you have got, which task are more important and which are not so important, you may get overwhelmed with thought that you have got so many task undone but actually you might have only 1-2 important tasks to do and rest are just unimportant. So create to-do list to get clarity.
  3. Prioritize your tasks – Problems arise when you think that you have so many important and urgent task in hand, which increases your stress level, gives you headache, you starts feeling dizzy. But if you make to-do list of your pending tasks and prioritize based on their urgency and importance then you may find that there are only 2-3 task which are important at the moment and rest can be done later.
  4. Start Small – Sometimes we get big project or task which we are not sure how to do it, at that time our brain plays an interesting game, our brain starts procrastinating by making us do various other tasks which are not important at the moment. To deal with this, best thing is to start small, if you try to do whole project in one go then your brain will say NO to you and starts doing some other easy tasks, it’s just like you have got 5 pound of black forest chocolate cake in front of you and if you try to eat it whole in one go then you simply can’t have it and even if you try then whole experience can be very unpleasant but instead of that if you just have one slice at a time and keep rest for later then you can easily finish the whole cake in less than a week time.
  5. Just Do it – Just pick up the task and start doing it.

Personal Mission Statement

Personal Mission Statement

It is imperative to have personal mission statement to lead a happy and meaningful life. It tells us about the most important things we want to do in our life, important than anything else in our life, It tells us about what is the purpose of our life? the reason why we are born for?

It is like a compass which helps us to find where we are, where we are heading, which is the right direction and which way we need to go in our life. Say, if we want to go to New Delhi and We try very hard, drive very fast, drive day and night but if our direction is wrong then we’ll never reach New Delhi and guess what the faster we drive and harder we try, faster we reach to wrong destination.

And personal mission statement is something which don’t come easily it
is very difficult to make, it takes lots of effort and time but we have to start somewhere as if we don’t know what we want to do in our life and where we want to go then chances are we never reach there.

Also, we need to keep making adjustments in our personal mission statement from our very first draft of our mission statement as we go forward in life many things changes and accordingly we change and so do our destiny (its like adjusting our compass to find right direction).

I’ll write more about Personal Mission statement in coming days in this port and also I’ll share about how we can write it.

Smile, breathe and go slowly

‘If nothing works in life, if everything looks confusing and complicated, if everything is gloomy around you, if no one is there left with you and you are all alone, if you see no light and no ray of hope, if you find all doors are shut on your face, if every second of your life becomes very painful, if you find it very hard to breathe and if u find it impossible to take your very next step, then stop, wait for a while and then just “Smile, breathe and go slowly” and keep moving forward and do not stop, no matter what, soon you’ll find your ways, no matter whether you are sure or not sure about what you are looking for, just keep moving forward, you’ll just find it, you’ll find your happiness and finally you’ll be at peace.


I Chose Goodness

Yesterday someone said very kind words to me –

“You are the most amazing person I have ever met in my life, you are very kind, you have very good heart, you are very helpful, you talk to everyone very gently, you are sensitive to other’s likes and dislikes, you are very caring, you always help others, I like when you say thank you to everyone whether to auto wala, bus wala even to a authority guy who fined you couple of hundreds of bucks for their own system faults, I like when you help beggars and poor people and I like so many other goodness in you.” ~ By a very special friend.

I felt very good listening to such kind words for me and I felt very shy.

Then I replied, Goodness is a choice, In our life we always get two choices – 1) lead a life of goodness or 2) lead a life of badness.

Either we can choose “anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.”

Or we can choose “joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.”

It’s all on your choice; what you want to choose and how you want to lead your life and how you want to be remembered by others.

and I chose to be good.

Inch by Inch

lifting weights - inch by inch

Today at Gym, I did one small experiment to know at what point I give up and what will happen if I persist and won’t give up. Generally I lift light weights I never lift heavy weights but today I put weights which were like double than my usual daily lifts and I kept increasing levels by adding more weights with each sets, After 1-2-3 sets I started feeling heat and pain, when I reached 3rd set I felt extreme pain, my mind started telling me that this is it, this is my limit, I can’t go further. I felt this is the point where I need to give up, but then I keep pumping with one thought that “just one more time, one more time, one last time” and actually I completed my 4th set and then 5th set. Each second my mind was telling me to give up but I replied just one last time I found that no matter what our mind tells if we keep moving forward lift by lift or Inch by Inch, one lift at a time, one inch at a time, we are capable of lifting more than we ever imagines, we are capable of doing much more than we generally believe we can.

Only thing we need to do is decide where we want to reach and keep moving forward no matter what our past experience and belief system tells us about our limitations or what is possible for us or what is impossible for us, If we keep moving forward we may find our new better self.

What is the Purpose of Your Life?

Someone Asked me – “Did you find the purpose of your life?
I replied – “Yes Indeed”
He Said – “What is it?”
I replied – “Purpose of my life is to make my every single day a Happy day and make others Happy; Forgive myself for what I done wrong, Forgive others for what they have done wrong; Love myself and Love others; & Purify my Mind and Soul