How I fixed my back pain?

Lower back painTwelve days ago when I woke up I felt little uncomfortable at right side of my lower back. However, in previous night, when I went to bed I was fit and fine. I thought let’s do some stretching and Yoga to fix it. It used to always help me with any sort of minor physical ache that I experience from time to time. But to my wonder the pain kept on increasing at exponential rate and after an hour it went to the level, where you can call it, I was feeling excruciating pain at my lower back and when I went to bed in that morning to take some rest I was like half paralyzed and unable to move at all.

Then, I got a call from my elder brother from home that, our grand father has expired. For a moment I felt is it a some kind of paranormal activity that I am experiencing as my grandfather was suffering from paralysis from a long time. Then I said “No, it can’t be”. When you are in pain you tend to think so many possibilities to divert your mind from pain.

Nevertheless, the pain kept on increasing. Everyone came up with different solutions such as –

“Get Vicks VapoRub on your back, massage it and apply hot water tube, it really works, it worked for me!”

“Get eucalyptus oil massage, you can get it in any Chinese shop”

“Try back support belt”

“Try hot oil massage”

“Try Dencorub massage and roll hot water bottle over it”

“Listen to Hanuman Chalisa to expel the negative energy around you”

“Go to Doctor”

“Go to Physiotherapy”

And many other solutions, for which I am really grateful to my friends and family members. I did tried wearing back support belt which I still wear during work. I tried hot oil massage, it gives a lot of relief. One of my friend gave me a bottle of oil that he got it from Amritsar Punjab given by some saint and he claims that his elder brothers’ back pain was cured with it. I started applying it and it did gave me relief.

Then I tried Googling about physiotherapy and I came across this site which is dedicated towards improving spine health, running by various medical expert in this field. If you go through the link then you may find some very easy to do physiotherapy exercise videos which you can do anywhere to get relief from lower back pain. And to my wonder it really works. Now days whenever I get time and space I simply do these workout and I get instant relief. But I know that once you have got the condition of back pain it won’t go over night. Therefore I need to keep doing these workouts if I intend to stay healthy.

You can check different variation of these exercises at (at the end of video list) and also you may like to check following video to find out how it works.

Disclaimer: I am not expert in this field, all I am doing is sharing is my personal experience. You may like to consult your doctor before doing anything that I have suggested.

Farhan Akhtars’ Workout Routine for Sculpting 6 packs to Play Milkha Singh

Farhan Akhtars' Workout Routine for Sculpting 6 packs to Play Milkha SinghI’m a big fan of Farhan Akhtar and I enjoy watching his movies as I come out learning so many important lessons of life. These days I’m on 90 Days challenge to sculpt 6 packs,  its been 75 days and so far I can see 4 packs are coming out and I guess it’ll take 3 more months to see all 6 packs.

I came across this article of Farhan Akhtar on how he got 6 packs, I would like to share with you all as I find it very informative and motivational if you want to sculpt 6 packs for yourself.

2,500 AB CRUNCHES A DAY TO PLAY MILKHA (by Ankit Ajmera, The Times of India)

Farhan on how he managed to look like The Flying Sikh

Farhan Akhtar has come a long way from 2004, when he had just directed Lakshya, and would walk out of Mumbai’s Otters Club in exactly 15 minutes after a haphazard weight training session. “I was never fond of it,”he smiles.It was after he met trainer Samir Jaura that he realized he has an active metabolism, and his body is ectomorphic or lean.“If I don’t work out, I lose weight,” he says. Which is why he keeps extensive home gym equipment.

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag director Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra told Jaura to sculpt Akhtar’s body like Brad Pitt’s in Fight Club. “The idea was to get an athletic body, not the bulky Ghajini-type,”says Jaura.Akhtar started training in November 2011, beginning with a one-hour-a-day regimen, four days a week. It gradually went up to six hours a day,six days per week.Here,Farhan describes how he became Milkha Singh.

I sport two looks in the film — the bulky soldier and the lean runner.I stand 5’9”tall and weigh 66 kilos. To bulk up, I had to gain an additional eight kilos. And later, I lost 10 kilos to weigh 64 kg for the second look.

WHAT IT TOOK:I had to first correct my sleeping pattern. No late-night parties. I was in bed by 10 pm and up by 5.30 am. I trained for two hours, three times a day.

ATHLETIC TRAINING: At 6.30 am, I’d start my athletic training with coach Melwyn Crasto at Priyadarshini Park in Mumbai. It involved one-and-a-half hours of sprints and flexibility exercises. Because running has a neuromuscular component, I was taught drills that break the monotony of running and help coordinate body movements. Referred to as the ABC of running, these drills isolated the phases of the gait cycle — knee lift, upper leg motion, and pushoff — and helped me become a near professional runner. The ‘A’s involve exercises that work on the knee drive, ‘B’s on leg extension and ‘C’s helped with pull through. When Milkha ran, his right hand would bend inwards. Crasto helped me get it right. By the end of each session, I would complete 12 sprints of 100 metres.

FUNCTIONAL TRAINING: After resting for six hours,it was time for functional training (working against gravity with your body weight;climbing up a rope or using a use a waist trainer and hanging from a height) and abdominal exercises for 1.5 hours. This ensured flexibility. I’d pack in 12 sets of ab crunches. One set included 200 repetitions, which means I did 2,500 repetitions in all.

WEIGHT TRAINING: At 6 pm, I’d spend two hours doing a combination of Hypertrophy Strength Training (HST) and Tabata. This was for the first six months. HST induces the fastest muscle growth over an extended period without the use of steroids. It involves increasing the load on muscles consistently with every session. This ups activity within a muscle cell, making it sensitive to incoming nutrients for repair. Every day, I’d work on my legs, back, then chest, shoulders,biceps and triceps.This was a 12-week programme. As the weights kept getting heavier, the reps decreased.

After three months, I moved to Tabata, a high intensity workout in which I had to pull off maximum repetitions in a given period. We combined two muscle groups every day — chest-biceps, back-triceps, and shoulders-legs. I did eight-10 sets (each lasting 90 seconds) per body part.

In the last six months, when I was supposed to slim down, I moved to endurance training with weights. We combined two muscle groups in a day and did 15 sets of 100 reps per body part. The weights remained consistent throughout all sets. I finished training in December 2012. I was left with just 5% body fat.

I gave up rice, chapati and bread. Instead, I got my carbs from fruits and vegetables.

To bulk up for Look 1 (soldier), I was having 3,500 calories a day and five litres of water. My diet remained the same for Look 2 (runner),but the portions became smaller and I was down to 1800 calories.

I would have an omelette of six egg whites and mushrooms with orange juice for breakfast.The food was bland; I couldn’t have salt because the water retention would make me look puffy.Two hours later, I’d have a bowl of oatmeal with half a glass of skimmed milk.Half an hour later, I’d follow it up with naryal paani.

Lunch was sauted broccoli, asparagus, beans, baby cabbage and pak choy (250 gms) along with grilled chicken (150 gms),all made in olive oil.I’d have a protein shake after two hours. Berries were the only fruits I could eat as they are low in glycemic index and provide the right antioxidants. Every evening, I’d have a bowl of boiled chana or moong salad with cucumber,tomatoes and a low-calorie dressing.

Dinner was the same as lunch, but basa or salmon replaced the chicken. Before going to bed, I’d have a protein shake.

I love ice cream and gulab jamuns. My only cheat while training was a big glass of Dilli lassi every 15 days.

You set a goal. It will push you towards what you want to achieve.

Are Humans Designed To Eat Meat ?

I simply enjoy eating Chicken Curry, Rogan Josh (Mutton), Fish Curry, Sea Food. 5 Years back I turned into Vegetarian for nearly a year but when I went back home for Puja holidays my Mom got furious to know that I turned into Vegetarian she said “Son this is not the time for you to turn into vegetarian, when you get old then you can opt for it but not now” Then I again started enjoying meat and I still love them.

Today I came across a very interesting and important video about the facts of Meat and Human, it is about “Are Human Beings Designed to Eat Meat?”. Although I knew that we Humans are made for eating apples and banana by our mother nature as we do not have any canine teeth and we take 72 hours to digest meat meal but apart from missing canine and super slow digestion of meat I didn’t knew any of the other facts.

The prominent Swedish scientist Karl von Linne states, “Man’s structure, external and internal, compared with that of the other animals, shows that fruit and succulent vegetables constitute his natural food.”

The chart below compares the anatomy of man with that of carnivorous and herbivorous animals.When you look at the comparison between herbivores and humans, our body nature resembles much more closely to herbivores than meat eating animals. Humans are clearly not designed to digest and ingest meat.

1) Claws

  • Meat-eaters: have claws
  • Herbivores: no claws
  • Humans: no claws

2) Skin

  • Meat-eaters: have no skin pores and perspire through the tongue
  • Herbivores: perspire through skin pores
  • Humans: perspire through skin pores

3) Teeth

  • Meat-eaters: have sharp front teeth for tearing, with no flat molar teeth for grinding
  • Herbivores: no sharp front teeth, but flat rear molars for grinding
  • Humans: no sharp front teeth, but flat rear molars for grinding

4) Salivary Gland

  • Meat-eaters: salivary glands in mouth not needed to pre-digest grains and fruits.
  • Herbivores: well-developed salivary glands which are necessary to pre-digest grains and fruits
  • Humans: well-developed salivary glands, which are necessary to pre-digest, grains and fruits

5) Saliva

  • Meat-eaters: have acid saliva with no enzyme ptyalin to pre-digest grains
  • Herbivores: have alkaline saliva with ptyalin to pre-digest grains
  • Humans: have alkaline saliva with ptyalin to pre-digest grains

6) Digestive Juices

  • Meat-eaters: have strong hydrochloric acid in stomach to digest meat
  • Herbivores: have stomach acid that is 20 times weaker than that of a meat-eater
  • Humans: have stomach acid that is 20 times weaker than that of a meat-eater

7) Intestine 

  • Meat-eaters: have intestinal tract that is only 3 times their body length so that rapidly decaying meat can pass through quickly
  • Herbivores: have intestinal tract 10-12 times their body length.
  • Humans: have intestinal tract 10-12 times their body length.

Based on a chart by A.D. Andrews, Fit Food for Men, (Chicago: American Hygiene Society, 1970)

If you Watch following Video then there you find more distinguish traits that proves the point that we are designed for eating apples not chicken .