9 Easy Steps of “How To Get Party Out of Anyone?” (TechShu PROCESS)

Just for Office Fun 😉

  1. Identify the Traget & Occasion.
  2. Send Congratulations & Wishes in Mail with lots of Colorful Images.
  3. Bombard The Target with Congratulations & Wishes Mails (Minimum 30).
  4. Make The Target Feel Like KING/QUEEN of the Day.
  5. Then Shoot The Target with Party Demand Mail.
  6. Bombard The Target with Party Demand Mail  (Minimum 10).
  7. Make The Target Senti.
  8. Make The Target Feel like if He/She don’t give party then he/she is a Looser.
  9. and Last but not least; use ultimate weapon- “Curse The Target if He/She don’t give party then His/her Happiness won’t last long.”

Result: Victim will run for Chenna Jalebi & Singhara..(So far 100% success rate)

Who the Hell is Govind Tiwari?

Govind Tiwari – The Guy who Hypnotised world with his magical BLINK!

This after noon, one of my friend posted a link of some blog of some unknown guy named Govind Tiwari. I thought what the..hell but when I checked his blog, me and my whole office team members couldn’t stopped laughing on the floor.
Later some other friend told me he is trending in twitter, First I really didn’t believe that later when I checked on Twitter he was indeed trending worldwide, people are crazy about his blinking eyes and his jazzy blog. Apart from his blinking eyes I really liked his one of the amazing video ‘Govind Tiwari dil ka bhola hai

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I want to join Computer Savvy Graduates

This is hilarious, Our HR department got following mail in the response of our Job posting of “Computer Savvy Graduates”

From: :

I want to join Computer Savvy Graduates because first to be a part of computer is my Childhood dream which I have to fulfill on any cost.
So at last if you think this a fine reply for your difficult question then please give me the opportunity. I am keen interested to work here.

1. RESUME.doc

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My Presentation on Social Media Marketing at Startup Saturday Kolkata

Last Saturday I went Startup Saturday, Kolkata for sharing my experiences on Social Media Marketing, When I got an offer from Abhinaba Dey for it, I got really very excited but at the same time got confused on what would I share cause I wanted to share something unique, different at the same time very simple to understand and not so boring cause I hate boring bulleted PPTs Later I decided to share 4-5 things that comes in my mind 1st and jot them down in piece of paper and prepared this presentation just a night before the D day.

Honeymoon Package with an Extra Person

Website blunders, One of my friend sent me an email about this, check this out it’s hilarious, you may click on images to view at large