Project Toastmasters

toastmasters club logoAround two years back I decided to take complete command over my public speaking when I fumbled at stage of our alumni meet then I started an informal unofficial Toastmasters club at my company which went well for couple of months after that it dried up. Few weeks back I again tired to form the club, then yesterday I came to know about formal official toastmasters club in my town. I was very excited to learn about that, today eve is the 1st session of that where Viktor Predan from Sweden who is on world tour in a cycle will join us to share his experiences.

How to decide new Cheese Channels?

It’s high time for me to search new source of cheese cause existing one is two years old and started smelling foul.

Smell The Cheese Often So You Know When It Is Getting Old. ” – Who moved my cheese

I need movement in a new direction to find new Cheese cause it is safer to search in the maze than remain in the cheeseless situation and quicker i let go of old cheese, the sooner i’ll find new cheese. these are few amazing points that learnt from the post “Did someone really moved your cheese?” from Aji Ji aka Webkotler

while moving in new direction in search of our kind of cheese we gotta find out right kind of Cheese Station which will provide us new tasty cheese consistently for good amount of period.

so here is few steps from Aji to decide your new cheese station (employer)

taken fromHow to decide your new employer?

Try hard to join Good companies

There are only few good companies (where you enjoy work and create great things), try hard to join them. Good companies always want good people. Make a good relationship with them even before joining them. It’s not that tough to win competition with good teammates. “Hiring is the key” – Says Jack Welch of GE. Next section will help you answer, whether to join a company or not. It’s not a perfect formula but worked 80% of the time for me.

  1. What is their mission statement? – This reflects a lot about how the company is organized. Ideally people from the top management to the peon should know the mission statement and work accordingly . Many companies work on different things but everything is done without a proper mission statement. I have seen some small companies with great mission statements, it was so clear that you could sense their direction with just one single sentence. For a bigger company, the name brand name covers up the mission statement. For a bigger company, ask your prospective team about its mission. and then Match it with your profile/choice.
  2. Who manages the company? – Different departments should be managed by different people. If the company is a new startup, assume it to be a little messy but they should have a plan to delegate powers to departments. Ask this, “Who manages your HR policies?”, “How are the appraisals done?”, “Who decides the salary increment?”, “If someone is performing extremely well for the company, then ask the concerned person whether the company treats them same way as they treat other employees or do they have a special provision for them?”. You will be surprised to know that many big companies are struggling with these questions. A good company will always try to answer these questions as clearly as possible.
  3. How do you earn money? Who invests in the company? See if they are open about it. If company is not making good money then don’t expect goodies for yourself. Not earning at present is not a big issue but the outline of business plan can be shared (to an impressive level).

Questions about the company?

  1. Five day week: MY SUGGESTION is NOT TO JOIN any company that works 6 day a week. 6 days a week is almost impossible for hard working people. Sometimes people do work 7 days a week if needed but the company that wants its employees to work more than 5 days a week on a regular basis is certainly not a people focused company. One doesn’t need to work XXX hours to complete a task but they surely need to work YYY fresh hours to make it successful, where YYY < XXX for sure. One day off a week keeps employees fresh. The company that doesn’t understand this doesn’t deserve good heads, lend them your hands and legs, brains doesn’t work for 6 days. I seriously mean it.
  2. How many leaves? Compare it with the industry standards. This is also a big factor that you should consider.
  3. Salary break up and Incentives Ask for a clear break up. Promises made is of no use, get it written in black and white. “You will get so and so when so and so happens”, better get it written.
  4. Increments This needs a clear guidelines. I know many who say, “I will get an increment only if my boss feels so“. This needs to change, one should get one deserves. If companies don’t have such policies they certainly needs to come up with one. Also see if promotions are performance based.

Ideal companies rarely exists, so one needs to get some of the mix and keep working towards a company that respects its people. See some of the stories that speaks about its culture (basically some viewpoints :) )

Last but not the least-

“Don’t ever become prisoners to comfort zone”