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My Maiden Bungee Jumping From 160 M – World’s 3rd Highest Point at Nepal

Date : 11th Oct 2011
Location : The Last Resort, Nepal (3 Hours From Kathmandu).
Booking Office : The Last Resort, Thamel, Kathmandu
Website: http://www.thelastresort.com.np

First Bungee Experience
When I went to Bridge for the jump I felt little fear just like when I look down from the roof of the building, There were around 40 people which were divided into 3 groups according to their weight G1 (70 Kg-100KG), G2 (63 Kg – 69 KG), G3 (40 Kg – 62 KG); I was in G1 which was marked with marker on my right hand. After sometime my temperature went up by 5 degree I don’t know why but I was feeling like going for my first campus interview. when I watched 4-5 jumps and swings I started to cool down and got acclimatize with height.

Jump started with heaviest to lightest weight order, my turn was 3rd last and my elder bro has last turn with 70 KG. When it was my turn I tried to stay focused and composed, I made a small plan on how I will jump like I’ll keep my hands in flying position and rest body straight, won’t bend, I’ll give a push by legs while jump which will help me to give a better Free Fall experience just like as instructor said an hour ago but when I get there on jump platform my mind went blank, has almost zero thought and no fear, all I heard was 1..2…3.. Jump.. and I jumped… very next moment my mind went completely blank like in a state of enlightenment absolutely No thoughts..those feelings were indescribable which you can experience only when you go through it, it’s like I fully lived those moments and felt those every second of free fall.. Once the rope bounced back I came back to my normal state and started shouting woooooohoooooo……

  • Wow!! .and thats what I’m planning to do in near future… yippie.
    well done.

  • thanx :)

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the share and congrats on your first jump. The height is just terrific. The video is amazing and I am really inspired.

    I would visit Nepal this year. I would love to enjoy the Bunjee jumping, I am inspiring my friends too though we all are scared of the thing. :) I wish I can make it out.

  • Reading this brings back great memories. Of course some scary, nervous, and terrifying memories of doing that Bungee Jump, but yet still exciting!

  • Rajesh Rana

    Yeah :)

  • I have a plan of paragliding in Nagrakot, Pokhara in Nepal. I am doing some research for planning the trip in Nepal this year December and I found Nepal is famous for adventure sports and jungle safari.

    @Rajesh: Why don’t you try this one out. Paragliding is thrilling too. I don’t know whether freshers are allowed to do this or not. If they allow me, I would give a try.

  • @Abhijit: Yeah, it is very much allowed to fresher, only thing you’ll be doing it Tandem, for solo you need to take their 3-4 days course.

    Well, it is also in my wishlist but before that I’m going Thailand for Sky Diving.

  • Skydiving is a great idea. Best of luck. BDW, just for my information, isn’t there any agency or company that operates sky diving in India…?

  • Never go for any Adventure Sports in India

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