My First Book

My Journey of Finding a Soul-mate: Story of How We Met and Got MarriedI am very happy to announce that, I have published my first book. I have written it as a gift to my wife on our 3rd wedding anniversary. It’s a story of my seven long years of journey to find my soulmate. Moreover, my wife has also shared her experience of nine years of journey to find me. However, it’s not a love story but a tale of an arranged marriage. I have tried to share, what are the things that I went through, and what are my learnings in the process. Finally, how I eventually met her? You can find all the answers in my book. Although, I have written the book to share our story with our friends and family. However, anyone can relate to our story. Moreover, if you are searching for your soulmate then, it’s a perfect place to start.

You can download my book in following stores –

  1. USA and other –
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  5. You can download from other Amazon stores as well, last part of link is same only change from to or
  6. If you find any difficulty in locating the store then please let me know by leaving a comment on this page.

If  you are new to Amazon then here are the steps of downloading and reading my book –

  1. Go to
  2. Click buy now or  buy now for free (I keep running free promotions).
  3. Sign in with Amazon account or create new account.
  4. Install Kindle app in iPad or Mobile.
  5. Login with same Amazon account.
  6. Go to cloud and click on my book cover.
  7. Happy reading :)

After 90 days of publication, I will distribute PDF version of book for free. Right now I can’t do that cause of Amazon’s terms and conditions.

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