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Appreciation Message

This early morning at 3.00 AM I received following SMS, I tried to reply but in my mobile carrier the international numbers comes in truncated form, So I’m unable to reply, with this post I just wanted to pay my regards and thanks for the message to the unknown sender and reader :) Happy reading (Although I was out of writing from last 2 months, your message just gave me steroids 😉 You can get in touch via FB my profile link is>>).

Message – “I’m not sure if u will get this msg but if u do then id like 2 tel u that 2dy after reading ur posts n visiting ur wsite, ive been inspired! Hpe 2 gt a reply.” – Unknown

[Update] Today at 13:26 I again got a message but this time it was ‘Broken Message’ so unable to read anything, damn I gotta change my mobile carrier :(

  • Sham so excited…this is for me? i do not have the words to reveal my happiness and excitement. thankyou for you time. i must tell u that after much clicking and tapping on the net i found you contact number n at first hesitated to txt u thinking what difference it would mke to u. however i couldnt help mu self and the inspirations i got after reading your blog and posts/comments. i went through a few of ur albums and i must say but i couldnt help ”steal” some pics from the ISKON of sri sri Baake Bihari and Radha Raani” i circulated 2 pics of the children dressed as dieties to all people i kno via email and i must tell u i got soo many positive comments praising the image quatily, picture perfection. ive got soo many questions to ask you and as im typing this comment thers a slight smile and sense of ease and pleasure in me….i hope u dont get fed-up with this new fan of yours. Dhanyavaad..god bless you..your well wisher and mightbe friend, sham

  • Rajesh

    You are most welcome 😀 Thank you so much 😀