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A Lot Can Happen Over Coffee

I was just discussing with Techshuians (Team TechShu) about reasons why I hate CCD (Cafe Coffee Day)?

“The Reason One and the Only reason why I hate CCD  is because they serve warm coffee, I’ve asked them almost zillion times to serve hot coffee super hot but they never do that :(”

I tried to find why they don’t serve hot coffee hot

  • Their customer don’t come for coffee but for the ambiance and unlimited sitting hours over a Rs 45 plus taxes coffee cup.
  • People come CCD for Nain Matakka, these guys are already hot and even they serve hot coffee hot, it get cold by the time they have their first sip.
  • The last reason I think of is that they don’t know how to make hot coffee.

Now days I hardly go to CCD but I do accompany my friends specially if that friend is a girl 😉 but I order their black forest cake over Coffee.

May be you are thinking all of a sudden why I’m writing all this crap about my experience about coffee but I’ve got fed up with this dead lock or grave silence in my blog so i thought of opening up and sharing my personal experience too which i generally do with my facebook friends.

  • Kaanchan Madhan kumar

    yeah i do agree that the cafe served is not that hot, there are many factors u c, the air-cons are too high, and then when they get the dark coffee decoction, thats pretty hot, but the moment they add the milk, it depends if its hot or cold…
    yeah i too agree, its waste to spend so much, when u cant get what u want…they got to improvise….

  • Rajesh

    yeah :)